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I wholeheartedly endorse and support the reelection of Joe Nole as your sheriff of Jefferson County. I had the opportunity to work alongside Sheriff Joe Nole for 5.5 years while I was the Fire Chief at Quilcene Fire Rescue, and he was a Jefferson County Sheriff Deputy. Sheriff Nole has always displayed leadership, professionalism, and collaborative relationships with all Jefferson County fire districts and other outside stakeholders. He is compassionate, caring and respectful of the entire Jefferson County community. He is a true professional and a leader who takes pride in sheriff's department and staff.

Sheriff Nole has the support and endorsement of nearly every employee of the sheriff's office. He has the support of most of the Jefferson County firefighters and their professional associations. Sheriff Nole has widespread support among the citizens of the county and the county employees of all departments. Sheriff Nole has genuinely done an outstanding job for Jefferson County as a Deputy and as Sheriff the past 4 years.

On the other hand, I caution you about Sheriff Nole's opponent. As a fire commissioner for Quilcene Fire Rescue, the opponent was my direct supervisor for three years. He is not a leader but rather a micro manager who wanted to illegally run the day-to-day operations of the fire district without the knowledge and consent of the other commissioners. As the saying goes, "People don't leave bad jobs, they leave because of bad bosses. We don't want to see great deputies leaving because of a micro-managing boss.

Sheriff Nole has done a great job leading your sheriff's department these past four years and he deserves the opportunity and your support to continue doing his job. I would encourage you to vote for Sheriff Joe Nole and let him continue leading with professionalism, competence, and proficiency.

Good Luck Joe!

— Larry Karp
Quilcene Fire Rescue, Fire Chief (Ret)
— Former Jefferson County Sheriffs

— Administrative Clerks Union (Teamsters 589)

— Local 2032, East Jefferson Professional Firefighters

— Members of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Corrections, Civil, and Animal Control Guild
I whole heartedly endorse Joe Nole for re-election. I worked with Joe on many committees and have been impressed with his professionalism and his desire to gain information to better serve people in our community. Having been the owner of Safe Harbor Recovery Center and the Drug Court Administrator I have had the opportunity to work with Joe and his professional staff. Having Joe re-elected will be of great service to this community. — Ford Kessler
Retired Owner, Safe Harbor Recovery Center

— Members of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Commissioned Deputies Union

— Members of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Commissioned Command Staff Union
Sheriff Nole is a man of integrity. I am able to attest to this because I worked with Sheriff Nole when he was a detective in the field. As Prosecutor I could count on his word. He has an outstanding work ethic that is commensurate with his abiding belief in the justice system. I am grateful he is Jefferson County's Sheriff,. — Juelie Dalzell
Retired Prosecuting Attorney and Coroner for Jefferson County
Joe Nole is a person who has the highest level of integrity, compassion, and professionalism. He has strong ties within the diverse communities that make up Jefferson County, and he always considers the needs of the community and public safety first as a leader. — Jennifer Dyste
I am impressed with Sheriff Nole's experience, thoughtfulness, and sincerity. Having carefully considered the two candidates in yesterday's forum, I unreservedly support his re-election. — Rebekah Ross
I am pleased to endorse Joe Nole for Sheriff of Jefferson County. The questions were tough in the Dems Forum and Joe's responses were top notch. He spoke to my heart. I am proud to have Joe as my county sheriff. I will continue to support his efforts to improve and support our county. — Jill Hamilton
Joe Nole is a dedicated member of our community, public servant, and leader whose strength and kindness helps individuals and families in crisis, protects public safety and who really cares about our community. Since he has led as Sherriff, there is a better presence of law enforcement in South County, and response to emergencies. Thank you Joe! — Patricia Jones
Sheriff Joe Nole is not only a solid law enforcement officer, but he is kind and compassionate. During the time he has served as our Sheriff, the majority of us have felt much safer knowing he's at the helm. There are many reasons why we should keep him in office. Do not listen to the false propaganda being spread. — Connie Gallant
I had the pleasure of starting my career as a Deputy Sheriff at the Jefferson County Sheriffs Office, under Sheriff Nole. Although I did not work under previous administrations, it is clear that Sheriff Nole has increased morale, and has done an incredible job leading from the top down, and has the support of the command staff and community. When Sheriff Nole was informed that I was leaving for a more local agency, he was incredibly supportive. Sheriff Nole is a great leader, and will continue to have my endorsement. — Chandler Knight
I had the opportunity to work with Joe Nole while I was working in Emergency Management. He brought common sense and a broad understanding of the issues and was a positive contributor to the resolutions. He wasn’t there just to fill a square but to be an integral part of the team. Since then I have had the opportunity to interact with him through civic organizations and emergency focused organizations. Jefferson County is lucky to have him as Sheriff. Re-elect Joe Nole. — Nancy McDaniel
I have known Joe Nole since I moved here in 2000, when I was at my lowest he and many deputies were there to support me and my young daughters through some really difficult times, in all my years here I have seen the sheriff's department morale drop and service became strained, but since Joe has taken the helm I am always delighted to deal with the deputies even though sometimes I can be a bit gruff and snide, they do their best to serve this community with respect and honor and I attribute this to the leadership Joe provides to his employees, I will be voting for Joe again with a smile on my face. — Heather Taylor

I worked with Joe for years. I worked under multiple administrations while working for the Sheriff’s Office. Some administrations really ran the moral down in the agency. When Joe was elected sheriff the morale was brought back. I loved working with and for Jefferson County. Sheriff Joe was always a welcoming person. He has the best interests of everyone at heart. Even after I informed him I was resigning he continued to support me in my future plans. Joe’s leadership to that agency is why I continue to endorse him as the sheriff.

— Justin Coronado

I’ve worked with Joe since 1990 and have seen him in action. Joe cares about all those in Jefferson County, both residents and tourists, and has always treated everyone with respect and professionalism. He is morally and ethically unsurpassed and has great relationships with other agencies and Departments both in and outside of Jefferson County. I have had the pleasure of working with six previous Sheriffs and have seen Joe learn and work his way through the ranks and become a very competent Sheriff. I know Joe will continue the fine traditions established by the previous Sheriffs and do the job we hire him to do.

— Steve Richmond
Retired JCSO Jail Superintendent
"Jefferson County has an outstanding Sheriff in Joe Nole. He's led a dedicated group of deputies for the past four years, and I applaud his leadership and dedication. As a Fire Chief, I usually refrain from endorsing candidates. However, endorsing Joe Nole is an easy decision for me. I have known Joe for 25 years, and I have had the privilege to see who Joe Nole is and am confident Joe is the right choice to continue leading the men and women of the sheriff's office." — Tim Manly
Brinnon Fire Chief
"I remember when Joe joined the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office many years ago. He was assuredly a welcome addition. He brought an attitude of excellence and compassion that made him a great deputy, detective, and sheriff." — Mark Huth
Retired Jefferson County District Court Judge
"Absolutely a good man for the job." — Wayne King
Gabbie Caudill
Tim Perry
Retired Jefferson County Undersheriff
Tony Hernandez
Former Jefferson County Sheriff and current City of Milton Police Chief
Mike Brasfield
Retired Jefferson County Sheriff
Pete Piccini
Retired Jefferson County Sheriff
Mel Mefford
Retired Jefferson County Sheriff
Lee Smith
Retired Jefferson County Sheriff
Jean Ball
Ron Hayes
Barb Huntingford
Glen Huntingford
Jim Dziuba
Gretchen Copeland
Annie Tracy
Andy Kithcart
David Miller
Scott Walker
Ed Edwards
Sue Edwards
Douglas Joyce
Karl Jacobsen
Sandy Beck
Katy Ottaway
Ashley Hicks
Brian Erickson
Phillip Henry
Lindsay Scalf
Jill Rienstra
Douwe Rienstra
Kyle Montgomery
Sally Scholz
Sally Shaw
Ellen Anglin
Chris Gunn
Patsy Lamberton
Nat Jacob
Winnie Cabanilla
Jhun Cabanilla
Tess Hayden
Sondra Fortino
Gary Maxfield
Todd Oberlander
Network Tech - Jefferson County
Patricia Radford
Drew Radford
Casey Salisbury
Mason County Sheriff
Jill Landes
Retired Jefferson County District Court Judge
Dee Dee Spann
Ed Bluhm
Chris O'Higgins
Tara Clanton
Wallace Allen
Carter Tjemsland
David Fortino
Ben Stamper
Kari Binns
Jack Binns
Melissa Pernsteiner
Andy Pernsteiner
Bill Wells
Polly Nole
Elijah Avery
Holly Apeland
Amber Anglin
Brett Anglin
Derek Allen
Randi Przygocki
Brandon Przygocki
Ashley Moore
Donna Stamper
Janis Housden
Lyle Courtsal
John Gese
Kitsap County Sheriff
Ray Hunter
Veda Wilson
David Sullivan
Retired Jefferson County Commissioner

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