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A promise I gave when I was running for election in 2018 was to bring change to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. Today’s workforce must be involved, must be allowed to be engaged, and must feel appreciated. We’ve revamped our leadership from the top-down approach for all tasks, to delegation throughout the ranks. This has proven in today’s world to be necessary for building trust, teamwork, efficiency, and ultimately, retention of our workforce. While many departments nationwide are struggling to hire and retain officers, your Sheriff’s Office remains fully staffed with Patrol Deputies. This has been completed not with hiring bonuses, or retention pay, but with leadership. Simply put, people want to work here again.

Each accomplishment listed below has been achieved not just by me, but by our team. We’ve taken on numerous projects while at the same time providing the high level of service that our community not only pays for but expects.

Some of these accomplishments include:

  • Obtained a grant that added the county’s first Mental Health Navigator to the Sheriff’s Office to provide much needed services to some of our most vulnerable
  • Implemented the first Body Camera program for the Sheriff’s Office to help build community trust
  • Established our first Sheriff’s Office Facebook page to increase community engagement
  • Implementation of the first Olympic Peninsula wide records management system that not only saves tax dollars, but also ensures critical communication between all of the Peninsula’s law enforcement partners
  • Reinforced our support for the Jefferson Search and Rescue program by adding funds for training and equipment to address a significant increase in responses due to Covid-19
  • Started our first drug-treatment program in the jail
  • Obtained an X-ray machine for the jail for the safety of inmates and staff
  • Brought back Animal Control
  • Strengthened our partnership with Discovery Behavioral Health
  • Strengthened our commitment and participation in Behavioral Health Court
  • Strengthened our commitment and participation in Drug Court
  • Increased our commitment to the Community Health Improvement Plan
  • Helped to complete the Organized Response to Child Abuse (ORCA) protocol
  • Created a long-overdue Detective Sergeant position
  • Changed to less expensive patrol vehicles
  • Lived within our budget so our scarce county financial resources can be shared by all
  • Completed Implicit Bias Training
  • Preserved the Sheriff’s Citizen Advisory Committee
  • Maintained the Sheriff’s Volunteer Organization
  • Eliminated the Stonegarden grant
  • Navigated our way through the Covid pandemic, which continues
  • Respected the recent Law Enforcement Reform Legislation, most of which we were already doing
  • Improved employee morale, which resulted in a motivated group of individuals who serve the community by doing the right thing and treating others how they would want to be treated
  • All of this has been achieved while managing multiple critical situations such as the change in Washington State legislation affecting law enforcement, Covid-19, and protests against law enforcement after the murder of George Floyd

Some of the goals for the next four years include:

  • Continue to focus on employee retention and hiring in our Corrections Division
  • Get back on track with Accreditation and ensure it is achieved by Sheriff’s Office employee teamwork
  • Sustain our active engagement with the multiple social service organizations we already partner with to find and implement new ways to prevent criminal activity and the circumstances that lead to the cycle of arrest and jail time, and improve the quality of life for every one of us in Jefferson County
  • Host the Citizen’s Police Academy
  • Focus on Deputy well-being for a vibrant workforce and enhanced community service
  • Complete newly developed WASPC Leadership training for the entire department
  • Continue to provide proactive patrol, respond to crime, and resolve community challenges in a compassionate and fair manner with the goal of prevention and improvement



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